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Alex Radu – Contextual Semantics and the new wave of quantum logic

A patra zi a Conferinței Naționale Online de Filosofie Teoretică este dedicată logicii filosofice și filosofiei mecanicii cuantice.

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No matter on what side of the theoretical physics pond you find yourself in, the success of quantum mechanics is undeniable. Probably its most baffling feature is how well it suited us in our experimental and theoretical endeavors although, fundamentally, we still don’t know what it truly is. We explored for a very long time just what it has to say about our world, but not how, she itself, is embedded in nature. Most of this has changed since David Deutsch’s seminal 1985 paper „Quantum theory, the Church-Turing principle and the universal quantum computer”. Since then it has become imperative to prod, needles and all, quantum mechanics to its deepest core and many fantastic facts popped out and are still popping out from this 3-way marriage between theoretical physics-mathematics-computer science. In this paper we shall explore some of the main features that drive every popular journalist (and Einstein) to declare the weirdness of quantum mechanics as well as some new proposed foundations for them pioneered by Samson Abramsky and his collaborators. The main proposal is to model a quantum logic through the lens of the basic quantum principles, more specifically, contextuality, non-locality and entanglement, so as to recover not only a descriptive formulation of them, but also a functional one that can further inquire intro its “weirdness” and discover new facts about the laws of nature and computation.

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Alex Radu – Contextual Semantics and the new wave of quantum logic

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